Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sliding Scale 10) Lost in Mistranslation.

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A new font this time. The old one just wasn't working out for me so much. I felt that it wasn't quite as readable as I would like after the quality hit the comic takes after being turned into an image file.

Anyways, moar filler. I'm still trying to keep it comedy on account of not wanting to get paid a visit by a certain three headed guardian of Hades, and I feel the storyline might make it lose a little bit of it's funny, not all of it of course, but it might end up going a couple of pages without a joke, owing to all the exposition I might end up having to do. Ah well, serves me right for thinking up stories and shit.

Also, a bit more text here than usual I think. Almost a little cramped. Ah well, I might have to go on to make it a 9 pannel per page dealio. But then it would take even longer to produce... I could recycle images moar, but would that lower the quality moar? Gah. I just don't know. All these choices I have to make. How do the professional webcomic artists do it?

Copyright me. Woo, me.

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